A b o u t

Blossom & Dill is a creative florist studio set in the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds.

Inspired by many sources, including a love of Dutch flower paintings, Renaissance frescoes, the English countryside and the work of Matisse we create painterly flower arrangements full of colour and texture.

We carefully handpick beautiful, seasonal flowers sourced from local growers mixing them with homegrown and foraged ingredients to create strikingly abundant combinations. Colour palettes range from soft, romantic shades of pale to bold and dramatic darks.

Sketchy displays are loosely arranged in an eclectic collection of studio pottery, vintage ink wells and bottles, enamel jugs and antique urns and trophies. Our textured, scented bouquets are finished with generous lengths of silk or hand-dyed natural ribbons.

If you are planning your wedding, a special event or a collaboration, or would like flowers to mark an occasion or decorate your home we would be delighted to hear from you.

We will give our all to lovingly creating beautiful flowers for you.