Blossom & Dill is a creative studio founded by artist Sophie Witham and set in the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds, England.

Sophie is a florist & photographer who has created an extensive portfolio of beautiful floral portraits. Her work is greatly influenced by her masters in art history and her previous life of working for Tate. Sophie is inspired by many diverse artistic sources including Renaissance frescoes, the work of Henri Matisse, botanical illustration, the collage paintings of William LaChance as well as photographic portraiture, geometry and wallpapers.

Her photography of floral portraits primarily focus on the play of colour as the subject matter – unusual and unexpectedly beautiful colour palettes that create layered patchworks reminiscent of an artist’s paint box or colour chart. 

Sophie’s floral art photography has established a strong international following with works being exhibited in the UK, Italy, Australia and America.